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California Small Business Grants Ranging Between $5,000 and $25,000

California Small Business Grants are financial assistance given by the local government aiming to raise and centralize small businesses all over California.

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Children’s Health Insurance Program

Children's Health Insurance Program is a service that provides health insurance to children. It was supervised and funded by both the federal government and the local state of the United States.

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Weatherization Assistance Program Helps Household to Lessen Energy Bill

Weatherization Assistance Program by the federal government aims to assist low-income individuals with their energy consumption. It can help each household to lessen their energy bills by providing weatherization services in their respective homes.

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Facebook Small Business Grant

Facebook small business grant is a program initiated by Facebook in mid-March of 2020 up until late August of the same year. This is after the announcement that Facebook provided a budget of 100 million US dollars for cash grants and credits intended for the program.

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Mental Health Grants For Individuals Suffering from Various Mental illnesses

Mental health grants for individuals are the kind of programs that are responsible for helping and assisting individuals suffering from various mental illnesses such as substance abuse, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Disorder, and other mental and behavioural disorders.

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Pandemic Grants For Individuals - A Financial Aid To Those In Need

Pandemic grants for individuals are programs of the U.S. government that focuses on giving financial assistance to American citizens due to the Covid-19 crisis. Various programs are federally funded in terms of human resources such as needs for family, unemployment, health, and business.

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Maryland Unemployment Assistance

Maryland Unemployment Assistance are federal and local program that provide benefits for unemployed individuals in Maryland. Most of these program help by giving financial assistance to support individuals that are unemployed as a result of the pandemic.

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Emergency Dental Care for Low-Income Individuals

Emergency dental care for low-income individuals provides assistance for eligible beneficiaries to help them within their oral health. With these programs, individuals can have a check-up and consult a licensed dentist.

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EIDL Grant Provides Assistance to Those in Need

EIDL Grant or The Economic Injury Disaster Loans Grant is an assistance program of the federal government under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act.

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Continuum of Care - A Housing and Services Funding for Homeless Families and Individuals

Continuum of Care is a program created by the U.S federal government aiming to provide necessary services for individuals or families that suffer from homelessness.

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