Car Insurance - Most Affordable and Large Companies

Car insurance or also known as auto insurance is an agreement or contract between the car insurance company and the car owner.

The agreement includes premium payments that will be used to cover financial expenses related to car theft, accidents, or damage. Car insurance mainly covers the following circumstances:

1. Damages in your car and/or another’s car due to accident;
2. Damage in properties as well as physical injuries caused by an accident; and
3. Medical and/or funeral expenses for the injuries or deaths caused by an accident.
Owning or leasing a car comes with a lot of responsibilities and risks. Thus, applying for car insurance will ensure that you are covered when unfortunate events happen such as accidents, theft, or injuries caused by car-related incidents.

A car can be one of the biggest investments that one might have, thus it is important to protect it by applying for car insurance.

Different Types of Car Insurance

Looking for a good insurance company is as tricky as picking the right model of car for you. Thus, in opting for car insurance, it is important to know the different types:
Liability Coverage
This is a type of car insurance that is now legally required by the US government for those individuals who own a car. This usually covers expenses on car and property damages caused by an accident that you are involved in.
Collision Insurance
This type of car insurance usually covers repairing expenses related to the damages to your car and another person’s car due to an accident.
Underinsured Motorist Insurance
Most drivers prefer to have minimum liability coverage on their car insurance policy to save money. This may really save you money, although it will not provide enough coverage for unexpected events.

Underinsured motorist insurance will help you cover expenses if you had an accident with a driver who does not have enough insurance to cover the costs.
Uninsured Motorist Insurance
This insurance helps cover expenses after an accident with an uninsured driver.
Medical Payments Coverage
From the term itself, medical payments coverage covers medical expenses for injuries caused by a car accident regardless of whether it is your fault or not.
Classic Car Insurance
This type of insurance is exclusively designed for individuals who collect vintage cars.

There are other types of car insurance available in the market, each has its own focus. Haven’t found the right insurance for you yet? Read further to know the tips in shopping for car insurance.

Tips for Shopping for The Right Car Insurance

Before finally opting for an insurance policy, it is important to ensure that the insurance policy and the company you’ll invest your money in is the right one for your needs.

Below are some tips you might consider when shopping for car insurance:
Improve your credit score
Most insurance companies check your credit rating as a basis for your auto coverage premium. Having a poor credit score statistically concludes that you are more prone to car accidents, and thus might demand a higher price for the insurance.
Maintain and ensure safe driving
One of the best ways to save more dollars on your insurance is to promote safe driving. Not only that, some insurance companies offer discounts to safe drivers of up to 23 percent.
Choose for higher deductibles
A deductible refers to the personal money you pay if you have an auto insurance claim. Going for a higher deductible can make you save more money on your premium. To know more about this matter, talk to your insurance agent.
Install an anti-theft device on your vehicle
Having installed an anti-theft device on your car might save you some dollars. This is because some car insurance companies like Geico offer discounts of about 25 percent to those drivers who have this feature on their vehicles.
Only include the necessary coverage
The wider the coverage of your insurance is, the higher the amount you will pay. It is advised that you check your policy declarations page and check for coverage that is not necessary like roadside assistance or car rental coverage.
Have a background check
Before opting for an insurance company where you’ll invest your money, it is important to do a background check of the company’s credit score so that you’ll be assured that they will provide the money when you needed it. Taking a look at the company’s strengths and weaknesses will help you decide if your insurance is beneficial to you.

Three Cheapest Insurance Companies

While searching for car insurance, who wouldn’t want to opt for the cheapest yet worthy one?

Based on the statistics report, below are the three most affordable and large car insurance companies in the country.
This is the largest among car insurance companies in the US, wherein they offer policies and worthy rates in 48 states in the country. The minimum coverage of their insurance policy is 309 US dollars within 6 months.

Moreover, since this is the largest company, a large number of agents are scattered within different areas so rest assured you’ll easily find one within your area.
This company earned the 2nd rank with regard to the largest car insurance company in the country. Not only that, Geico serves all 50 states including D.C. Their minimum coverage price is 390 US dollars within 6 months. Geico is also one of the most known insurance companies in the country so rest assured that you’re in safe hands when you invest your money at Geico.
This is known as the company that provides affordable insurance among the three that serve within 50 states. The minimum coverage price is 223 US dollars, the lowest offer of the company so far.

Ranking as the 5th largest car insurance company, they serve a lot of customers within the country joining the race with other large companies like Progressive and Allstate.
Although the only downside of this is that USAA only offers its services to the members of the military, the veterans including their families.

There are a lot of other car insurance companies out there like Travelers, Nationwide, Progressive, American Family, and the like, that might offer you affordable and worthy coverage car insurance.

If you already found an insurance company that suits your needs, proceed to your application and consider the tips mentioned earlier to save more dollars!
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