Government Grants

Due to the prevalence of economic and financial crises within businesses, households, students, and independent individuals, many governments and states established programs focused on giving financial aid to needy citizens.

The roles of government grants involve the following:

  • Giving financial aid to business institutions owned by ordinary individuals;
  • To families who are having financial problems;
  • To students who are in need of assistance for tuition fees and other academic fees; and
  • To low-income individuals and communities who are in need of financial help.

Government grants are different from other financial aid programs like a loan grant which involves interest rates and obliges the recipient to repay the given money with an additional percentage as per the interest. Hence, government grants do not require the recipients to pay back the amount of money given to them.

Anyone who is interested in acquiring a government grant should therefore apply for it and should meet the set qualifications.

Various Government Grants you can Apply for

If you happen to be in need of financial help, you can apply to the available government grants listed below:

Small Business Administration Grant  – This US government grant basically offers financial grants to non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and other group businesses that promote entrepreneurship.

What is their purpose?

Nowadays, it is important to be knowledgeable in the business field in order to survive even without being employed. Thus, the main goal of this government grant is to promote the importance of entrepreneurship.

They also support and educate individuals, business institutions, and organizations on entrepreneurship to fulfil the mission of making American communities keenly interested in making successful business endeavors.

Who are their focus?

Basically, SBA prioritizes the following:

  • Individuals or organizations that own small-time businesses;
  • Business people who are in need of financial help due to the pandemic; and
  • Non-profit organizations that promote entrepreneurship and train individuals in the business field.

Economic Injury Disaster Loan Grant–  This grant is a program under the management of the SBA. It offers funds to those individual businesses or business-related organizations that are affected by profit loss due to calamities and other unforeseen disasters. The program grants as much as $10,000 to their recipients

What is their purpose?

It is no doubt that businesses have their highs and lows when it comes to their sales income. Since one of the goals of the SBA is to establish and maintain successful businesses, their EIDL program was developed in order to assist those business owners who are greatly hit by unexpected calamities including the impact brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who are their focus?

The EIDL grant prioritizes the following:

  • Member of a low-income community; 
  • Someone who has an evident 30% reduction in their sales; and
  • Have no more than 300 employees.

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund – This is an emergency financial aid grant which was recently established by the US congress under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Safety Act (CARES) in order to help higher education students to cope up with the disruption of classes due to the pandemic.

What is their purpose?

The government’s main purpose in establishing such a program is to compensate for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the higher education sector. Their goal is to assist the student’s expenses in terms of food, attendance, technological devices, health, and learning materials.

Who are their focus?

Individuals who are eligible for this program are basically students who are enrolled in institutions of higher education that are proven eligible by the HEERF grant. It is up to the institutions to qualify who are the students eligible for the benefits of the grant.

Weatherization Assistance Program – This is a home improvement grant which was established to assist in the heating and cooling services in one’s home.

What is their purpose?

This grant’s main aim is to reduce the expenses paid in terms of cooling and heating while the seasons change. It provides regular weatherization services in qualified households free of charge.

Who are their focus?

The WAP grant prioritizes individuals who are:

  • Households who belong to not higher than 200% of the poverty income guidelines;
  • People aged not lower than 60 years;
  • Households who have a disabled family member; and
  • Households that have children consume large amounts of energy.

Children’s Health Insurance Program – This is a hardship grant beneficial for single mothers who struggle to raise their children on their own. This grant helps parents fend for the needs of the child may it be health, food, vaccination, or doctor appointments.

What is their purpose?

Single mothers often struggle every day just to make each day a better living for their children. Thus, this program was established for the purpose of reducing the burden of raising their children. This mainly aims to provide all the needs of the child from food assistance to vaccinations, and tuition fees.

Who are their focus?

If you are a single mother, there is a very high chance that your application will be approved. Although the eligibility standards vary from state to state, it is best to consult assisting authorities of the program or visit their website to have access to the full details of the program.

Hardship Relief Programs – This is a hardship grant which is primarily focused on individuals who belong to the law enforcement community as well as to people who have sudden emergencies and personal hardships that need assistance.

What is their purpose?

Being in an unexpected hardship is inevitable for every family and every individual. This program is primarily designed to lighten the burdens of individuals who are going through financial crises, medical emergencies, accidents, etc.

Who are their focus?

This program prioritizes the following:

  • Members of the law enforcement community such as policemen along with their families.
  • Individuals or families who have gone through real and valid hardships like medical emergencies, financial crises, accidents, disasters, etc.

Federal Pell Grant – This is a college grant that is suitable for single mothers who desire to go back to college. This is a great opportunity to continue chasing their dreams as professionals. This is also considered the largest educational aid in the United States which offers grants of up to $6,459.

What is their purpose?

The main purpose of this student grant is to assist financially needy college students. Application for this grant usually starts as early as October 1 to June 30 of the following year.

Who are their focus?

The program’s main focus is students who are not financially capable of attending college and single mothers who are keen to continue the path they have left off.

Promoting Resilience and Mental Health among Health Professional Workforce – This is a mental health grant established to support professionals working in the health and medical field.

What is their purpose?

There is no doubt that health workers give a great amount of effort to fulfill their services to the sick. This program is established to maintain a healthy workforce by enforcing a mental health protocol. This protocol promotes resilience, mental health aides, and wellness among the workforce, which can help them maintain their proper function while fulfilling their duties.

Who are their focus?

This program is especially developed for our dear front liners and other health workers.

COVID-19 Cultural Recovery Grant Plan – This program is based in the state of Vermont, which supports the needs of the arts and humanities department in the area, which are affected by the ongoing pandemic crisis.

What is their purpose?

The main purpose of this program is to maintain the flow and development of arts and humanities organizations in the mentioned state.

Who are their focus?

The program prioritizes individuals or groups who belong to the following standards:

  • Arts and humanities organizations linked to Vermont state; and
  • Art organizations who are experiencing lack of budget for workspace and staff funds.
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