Mental Health Grants For Individuals Suffering from Various Mental illnesses

Mental health grants for individuals are the kind of programs that are responsible for helping and assisting individuals suffering from various mental illnesses such as substance abuse, Schizophrenia, Bi-Polar Disorder, and other mental and behavioural disorders.
To establish these kinds of programs, the federal government or resource foundations together with the different states work hand in hand to support mentally ill individuals. The primary purpose of the government in establishing such programs is to develop a community where people suffering from mental illness will have a better state of living since they know that they are supported, understood, and guided.

How Mental Health Grants Programs Work

To be able for mental health programs to function, there should be a collaboration between the federal government and local territories, states, or counties. Most mental health programs found in local governments, local agencies, and non-government institutions are funded by the federal government.
Recently in 2017, House Bill 13 Established the Community Mental Health Grant program to help current services and programs in the treatment of individuals having mental illnesses and/or abnormal behavioural patterns.
Furthermore, other private institutions provide this kind of service such as pharmaceutical companies and foundations that aim to grant funds for programs that assist children or adults whose mental health is severely affected.

Availability of Mental Health Programs

It’s the recipient’s choice whether to choose a private mental health program or a federally funded program. There are many available mental health grants in various states and territories.
The Mental Health Services Block Grant is available in 59 territories and states. If you plan to apply for mental health services just browse the official website of your state or locality or inquire about available mental health programs to local authorities.

Examples of Available Mental Health Programs

Ittleson Foundation Mental Health and AIDS Grant Program
This is a mental health program available throughout the United States that primarily aims to bring help to those individuals suffering from mental illness by utilizing the available technologies and knowledge in creating procedures, plans, and techniques in promoting mental health.
Moreover, this foundation also gives support and assistance to individuals suffering from AIDS. This foundation usually grants about 5,000 - 45,000 US dollars depending on the agreement.
Eligible service providers:

The service providers eligible for this grant are non-profit organizations and other projects that have the potential to improve and help the lives of underprivileged individuals.

Service providers can apply until September 1, 2022. Unfortunately, the foundation will be focusing on environment-related programs this year.
RBC Foundation Grants
This is a national foundation that funds and supports programs focused on areas like youth education, human services, culture, and mental health. This foundation is available in almost all states in the country. Usually, this foundation grants 15,000 US dollars or less.
Eligible service providers:

In terms of mental health, the service providers eligible for this grant are programs that:

• Focus on children’s mental illnesses like anxiety disorders, mood disorders, and depression;
• Have evident positive program outcomes;
• Cooperate with other service providers, organizations, and/or the government;
• Focus on children aged 0 to 18 years;
• Educate parents, teachers, educational institutions, and the public about mental health awareness; and
• Aims to eradicate the stigma concerning mental illness.
For those programs that are planning to apply, the requisites are listed as follows:

• 501(c)3 non-profit registration status valid for 3 years or longer;
• An annual budget of 100,000 US dollars or higher; and
• A relationship or involvement with an RBC Wealth Management employee.
Protection and Advocacy for Individuals with Mental Illness (PAIMI)
This is a mental health grant under the supervision of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of the SAMHSA and the Center for Mental Health Services or CMHS.
Eligible individuals:

• Individuals staying in mental health facilities;
• Adults with specific mental illnesses;
• Children who have emotional or behavioural disorders; and
• Individuals who are victims of drug and substance abuse.
Eligible service providers:

This grant program was distributed to local governments and service providers in:

• 56 states and other territories; and
• American Indian Consortium.
Community Mental Health Services Block Grant
Just like other mental health grants, this program’s main goal is to support and help mental health service providers financially.

Eligible individuals:

This program primarily focuses on:

• Adults with severe mental health disorders; and
• Children with severe behavioural and emotional disorders.
Eligible service providers:

This program grant program has been distributing and awarding funds to different states, counties, and other territories in the United States. Specifically, there are 59 states and territories that are currently supported by this program. Most of these states, territories and counties also transfer these funds to other service providers available in their area.
If you are interested to be in the program or have a relative that needs their services, you can do either of the following:

• Inquire about the details and process of application in your locality or state; or
• Contact the management in charge of the program in your state.
Substance Abuse Prevention, and Treatment Block Grant (SABG)
This is another mental health program that is established and supervised by the SAMHSA. This grant usually funds activities and outreach programs that evade individuals from substance abuse and addiction.
Eligible individuals:

This program mainly focuses on the following:

• Individuals addicted to drug usage;
• Women with children under legal age;
• Pregnant women;
• Programs focused on tuberculosis treatment and intervention;
• Programs focused on HIV/AIDS intervention; and
• Other substance or drug-related services.
Eligible service providers:
Eligible services must comply with the following requisites:

1. Should apply for SABG grants every year;
2. Should have a specific unit under a higher executive branch;
3. Should be capable of disseminating funds to other local governments, states, counties, and territories in the US; and
4. Should have non-government organizations as sub-recipients;
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