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Financial Grants

Financial grants are assistance given by the government or non-profit organizations to individuals that suffer from financial hardships. The purpose of these grants is to help individuals, especially those who belong in the low-income community to maintain life stability.

Most of the grants focus on primary components for living such as food, housing, and health.  Moreover, there are also financial grants that give resources for education, unemployment, and businesses.

What Type of Grants Are You Looking For?

Medical Grants

Medical grants are available to shape the health care system in the country. The medical grant is free financial aid from any federal agency provided to cover medical costs.

Food and Nutrition

The Food and Nutrition Assistance Program, helps low-income families with the purchasing power of their food budget. Eligibility requirements vary by state, but a common...

Housing Repair

You can find housing repair grants everywhere in the United States. There are many different types of grants available to individuals and businesses so be sure to take advantage...

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance from government entities is considered a form of grant, provided by the government to its citizens for different purposes.

Various Government Grants You Can Apply

Small Business Administration Grant

This US government grant basically offers financial grants to non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and other group businesses that promote entrepreneurship.

Economic Injury Disaster Loan grant

This grant is a program under the management of the SBA. It offers funds to those individual businesses or business-related organizations who are affected by...

Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund

This is an emergency financial aid grant which was recently established by the US congress under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Safety Act (CARES)...

Most Popular Benefits

Fourth Stimulus Check will also give support for the U.S economy as individuals would be able to buy and get their necessities.

This program helps recipients by paying a larger portion of rent fees, while the lesser portion is to be paid by the tenant. This is a huge burden removed from the shoulders of payers, especially…

Student Loan Forgiveness Programs from the federal government assist students on their respective federal grant loans. It acts as an extension for different federal loans…

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Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant

Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant is a type of grant issued to eligible undergraduate college students. This grant is similar to the federal pell grant and other types of student aid programs.

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Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or the TANF is a program funded by both the federal government and the state government. It aims to provide a safety net for families who are financially struggling and cannot provide for the family’s basic needs. There are 4 goals that TANF focuses on, which are the following:

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