Government Car Voucher Program Provides Free Cars for American

Government car voucher program is a service that provides free cars for American individuals. These programs focus on helping individuals or families that are not capable of having their vehicles.

Moreover, car assistance programs are aiming for the American citizen to maintain stability through transportation. We all know that cars became a standard mode of transportation within society.

Generally, it helps us to go to another place and travel alone. It also serves as the solution for the walking and standing of individuals.

Furthermore, cars give us a much easier and convenient way of transportation. However, cars have a high value. Financial stability is required upon having cars. Most of the families associated with cars belong between mid-class and high-class communities.

Many individuals in the low-income community do not have cars as they don’t afford them. This is the main reason why car assistance programs were created, to assist low-income individuals to have their car.

Cars that are Given Through Car Assistance

According to the Hedges Company, over 286.9 million cars were registered throughout the United States. Moreover, the United States is the second-largest market in the world within vehicle sales and production.

The data shows how U.S citizens deal with cars in terms of transportation. It maintains the stability of transportation of a group of individuals or a family.  Cars also primarily provide the needs of individuals with regards to travelling.

Cars that are given through car assistance programs are not certain as the new or latest model. Most of these cars are used by other individuals but they’re still in good condition.

Before giving it, cars undergo an assessment and are checked by licensed technicians to inspect their stability. However, the affordability of cars serves as a hindrance especially for low-income individuals to have access to them.

Various car assistance programs are open throughout the United States. There are car services funded by the government. Non-profit organizations and charities also offer car assistance programs.

Low-income individuals are the most prioritized groups within the programs. Car assistance programs continue to support U.S individuals to access and have their cars for free.

What are the Available Car Assistance Programs?

As there are several car assistance programs, below are some of the services offered by the government and charities.

Government Programs

Clean Vehicle Assistance Program – The Clean Vehicle Assistance Program helps  Californian citizens to buy a new lease vehicle. Having affordable and accessible vehicles for its eligible beneficiaries is the main purpose of this program. The said program was funded and supervised by the California Climate Investments.

Vehicle Assistance Program – This program provides financial assistance for its eligible beneficiaries to support upon purchasing a vehicle. Beneficiaries can also use the money from the program to repair their respective vehicle. Financial assistance that an individual can get from the program ranges from $1,000-$2,000. This program is aiming to support individuals to have a reliable mode of transportation.


Cars4Heroes – This non-profit organization provides basic and free transportation for its beneficiaries. It was handed by the Cars4Heroes. The said organization prioritizes those individuals who suffered from illness, death, disability, or natural disasters.

1-800-Charity Cars – This program is the partner of FreeCharityCars. It provides free cars for those individuals who need them. The said charity is accepting donated cars and also raising funds to gather specific amounts for buying cars.

Vehicles for Change – The Vehicle for Change Program is assisted by social service agencies. It primarily provides free cars for needy individuals. The said program prioritizes individuals who need cars as a mode of transportation to access their respective job.

Am I Eligible for Government Car Voucher Program?

The qualification rules for car assistance programs differ from one another. Remember to always check whether you’re eligible for the program that you’re applying for to avoid such problems. Check below the eligibility rules for car assistance programs that are mentioned above.

Clean Vehicle Assistance Program

  • Must be a US Resident.
  • Must meet the standard income guidelines. You can check it below.
government car voucher program

Vehicle Assistance Program

  • Must be a resident of the US.
  • Must be unemployed.
  • Must have a maximum income of 125% of the federal poverty guidelines.

What are the Documents Needed for Government Car Voucher Program?

The documents required for the application of car assistance programs may differ.  Governments and charities can request more detailed and specific documents for applicants to trace effectively the eligibility.

However, refer below for the most common documents that will be needed for the application of car assistance programs.

  • Proof U.S. citizenship (can be a passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, green card,  employment authorization card).
  • Proof of date of birth (for programs that needs age requirements).
  • Proof of your Income (for programs that have specific financial income).
  • Proof of income according to Area Median Income (AMI).
  • Proof of Unemployment.
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