Gas Vouchers for Low-Income Families that Meet Their Qualifications

Gas vouchers refer to coupons that offer amazing gas discounts to people who are unemployed, disabled, or financially unstable. There are a lot of organizations that offer gas vouchers. Some gas companies even offer gas vouchers to loyal customers and deserving individuals.
If you still haven’t got gas vouchers yet, it’s time to look for one. Here are some sources and tips on how to find gas vouchers so that you can save money every time you gas your car up.

Who Benefits From Gas Vouchers?

Now that prices of primary goods are on the rise, gas vouchers provide a big help for people who have trouble making ends meet especially to people who are:
1. Unemployed
2. Belong in low-income families
3. Have Disabilities

Tips for Getting Gas Vouchers and Discounts

Most agencies have their qualification requirements before getting a gas voucher. However, some gas companies offer free gas vouchers to their regular customers as well. If you’re looking for free gas vouchers, below are some tips you should keep in mind:
Stay up-to-date with gas companies’ gas voucher programs
Many gas stations offer gas vouchers and discounts from time to time. Always be on the lookout for flyers, posters, or commercials of gas companies that offer discounts and coupons.
Some programs are exclusive to specific categories (e.g., for disabled, unemployed, etc.) so make sure that you fit into the category before joining. It’s also crucial to be cautious of programs that demand payment or registration fees as these may be scammers.
Look out for gas voucher offers in hotels
Some hotels offer gas coupons to travelers who check in for a night or a few days. So stay on the lookout for hotels that offer such and choose to book there on your next travel.
Participate in surveys
Sites like Survey Junkie and Gas Buddy are examples of platforms that let you get gas discounts by answering surveys. Participating in survey activities in gas stations is another way to earn discount points and gas coupons that you can use on your next refill.
Collect grocery store points
Did you know that you can earn gas discount points from a grocery store? To get these amazing rewards stay updated for gas promos offered by grocery stores near you. Some grocery stores like Winn Dixie, Kroger, and Stop & Shop are just some of the many stores that offer reward points for gas.
Display Ads on your car
Some gas companies in the US ask customers to display ads on their cars and in exchange, offer gas vouchers. This is one of the convenient ways to save up on every refill from the gas station. Some even pay you monthly just for simply displaying the company’s ads.
Finding A Gas Vouchers

To better help you with your lookout, here are several programs and agencies that offer gas vouchers:

Gas Vouchers Near Me

Let’s first start with the organizations that offer free gas vouchers and discounts nationwide.
Salvation Army
Salvation Army is a church organization that assists needy families and individuals in terms of financial, medical, housing, or care. They also give away gas vouchers from time to time. To know more about Salvation Army and its offers, you can access all their services and contact info.
St. Vincent de Paul
Like the Salvation Army, St. Vincent De Paul is another organization that offers gas vouchers and other assistance such as transportation and finance. To apply for their gas voucher program, you might need to go through a screening process or referral.
Love Inc.
Another church organization provides gas voucher assistance through its affiliates. You may need to go through an interview and assessment before being qualified for assistance. Some eligibility requirements may involve your income or existing medical conditions.
Unlike the first three mentioned organizations, does not involve income requirements to be qualified. What you need though is to be able to drive 1000 miles a month and display ads on your vehicle. The discount amount you’ll receive per month can range from 17 dollars to 80 dollars depending on the type of ad you are displaying.
Free Gas USA
You can apply to this organization through community referrals. Ask your local state how to apply.
2-1-1 Program
This program is considered the most convenient way to find local and national charities that offer gas voucher programs. All you have to do is dial 2-1-1 and just follow the instructions while on the call.
Emergency Gas Vouchers Near Me
The government also provides gas voucher assistance programs such as:
VA Healthcare Travel Reimbursement
People who receive benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs can also get reimbursements for their travel and lodging expenses. You can inquire about your state’s Department of Veterans Affairs office on the reimbursement process, or visit for easier access.
Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation (NET)
People who receive Medicaid can also get a Non-emergency Transportation (NET) program. In this program, Medicaid beneficiaries can reimburse their transportation expenses through a gas voucher. Elderly and disabled people can also get free transportation so long as they pass other qualification requirements. To know how to get a ride through Medicaid, go to
Army Emergency Relief (AER)
This program is intended for soldiers and their families wherein aside from transportation assistance, they can also get financial and medical assistance. 
PNH Patient Travel Assistance Fund
This program is exclusive for Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria (PNH) patients to assist with travel expenses in every checkup and doctor appointment.
California Gas Voucher
If you live in California, below are some gas vouchers available within the state.
Gas Tax Rebate Checks
This is the latest program proposal by California Governor Gavin Newsom, wherein eligible citizens can receive checks of up to 1,050 dollars. The funds used for this program came from the 17 billion inflation relief package issued to the state of California. Stay tuned for the latest announcements of this program by visiting
St. Helena Catholic Church
This is an affiliate church organization of St Vincent De Paul and is distributing gas vouchers across California. Their office is located at 1255 Oak Avenue, St. Helena, CA.
Valley Churches United Missions
Aside from free transportation services, Valley Churches United Missions also offer other assistance programs such as clothing and rental.
Other Useful Platforms For Convenient Gas Up
Aside from gas vouchers, there are also other platforms you can use for a convenient gas-up experience.

• Waze
• Gas Guru
• AAA Triptik Travel Planner
• Fuelio
Due to the ongoing inflation of food and gas prices, many of us find ways to thrift our money, and one of them is by using gas vouchers. There are many gas voucher programs out there offered by gas companies, organizations, and local governments.
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