College Grants for Single Moms - Resources, Scholarships and Financial Aid

College grants for single moms are financial assistance given to eligible individuals to pursue their education. Generally, a single mother refers to a female parent without a spouse or partner.

There are several reasons why an individual became a single mother. Some most common reasons are divorce, domestic violence, rape, abandonment, or the death of the other parent.

College Grants for Single Moms

Based on the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau, over 11 million single parents are under the age of 18. Moreover, 80% of the data are categorized as single mothers.

This means that almost 8.8 million single mothers are minors and not able to finish higher education. Within the data, millions of women are not able to finish their education because of pregnancy.

This serves as the main factor why there are grants or scholarships for single mothers.

Education a Great Foundation

Being a single mother can be a disadvantage to other students when it comes to education. The childcare expenses are pricey as well as the educational fees.

Also, the time and effort of a single mother will be divided into her baby and education once she studies.

On the other hand, education will be a great foundation for the future of your baby. Thus, single mother refers to both responsibilities and sacrifices.

Grants from Government and Non-Profit Organizations

Most of the college grants or scholarships are funded by the federal government, but there are also programs from non-profit organizations.

Grants and scholarships are different but they have the same purpose, to help every single mother with their education.

Grants are based on eligibility factors such as income while scholarships are based on performance.

Both of the programs commonly prioritize single parents who belong to the low-income community to help them sufficiently.
Available College Grants for Single Moms
College grants and scholarships offered for single mothers are diverse.

Here are some of the programs that a single mother can apply for.
Federal Pell Grant
Federal Pell Grant is the largest student assistance program in the United States. It provides financial assistance for low-income students and single mothers.

The financial assistance can be used for the higher education of its beneficiaries. The said program is completely free and does not need to be repaid.

This program will have a huge contribution to the educational needs of single mothers.
Federal Work-Study Grant
This program assists its eligible beneficiaries with both their education and work. The said program prioritizes those students in need, single mothers are suitable for this.

As the program gives financial support for education, they also offer a part-time job to earn money. Federal Work-Study Grant will efficiently benefit single mothers for their education and financial stability.
Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
This program is similar to the Federal Pell Grant. The program provides financial assistance to those individuals who belong to the low-income community.

Single mothers can apply for this program as they need sufficient support.
The Eligibility Rules of Grants
1. Must suffer from financial hardship.
2. Must have a plan to attend the whole school year.
3. Must be enrolled on higher education.
Most of the grants that are mentioned above mainly focus on low-income students. This is where single mothers fit in. However, it does not mean that you’re automatically qualified for the grant, there are requirements for income.

Moreover, there are specific colleges/universities and states that offer scholarships for single mothers.
Single Parent Scholarship Fund
This program offers financial assistance for single mothers and residents of Arkansas or Bowie County in Texas.

The program is mainly applicable to beneficiaries that attend higher education.

• Must be a single parent enrolled in higher education.
• Must be a resident of Arkansas or Bowie County in Texas.
• Must be a legal U.S. resident.
• Must have a diploma.
• Must have a total household income of 250% or less of the federal poverty guidelines.
Bernice Murray Scholarship
The program provides financial support for single parents and residents of Vermont who suffer from financial hardship.

The assistance that will be given with this program can be used with the child care expenses.

• Must be a single parent enrolled in higher education.
• Must be a resident of Vermont.
BYU Marriott Single Parent
The program is applicable to single mothers who study at Marriott School at BYU. It provides financial assistance for its beneficiaries.

• Must be a single parent enrolled in higher education.
• Must be enrolled at Marriott School (BYU).
Ford Opportunity Program
This program gives financial support for the education of its beneficiaries. It only applies to single parents residing in Oregon or Siskiyou County in California.

Although the said program is rare, it can fully support a large number of unmet needs for the college of its beneficiaries.

• Must be a single parent enrolled in higher education.
• Must be a resident of Oregon or Siskiyou County in California.
• Must complete high school or receive a GED.
• Must have a minimum of one full year left in the bachelor’s program.
The requirements for grants and scholarships differ for each kind. Below are some of the common documents you need to prepare for the application process.

1. Proof of U.S Citizenship
2. Proof of Residency
3. Birth Certificate of your child
4. High School Diploma
5. Proof of Income
Required Documents for College Grants
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