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Costco Grant Focuses on Supporting Charitable Programs and Community Activities


Costco grant are grants offered by Costco Wholesale as part of their goal to create a positive impact in the community by providing charity and welfare that focus on children, education, and health services in various states and regions across the U.S.

What is Costco Grant?

Costco has been helping hundreds of organizations that are committed to making a positive change in the community. This is by initiating various charitable grant programs wherein, non-profit organizations can apply to get grants and in-kind donations from Costco.

Do you have a non-profit organization and wish to apply for grant programs from Costco? In the next section of this article, we will discuss eligibility requirements, steps on how to apply, and other relevant and useful information that might help.

General Eligibility Requirements

Here are the general eligibility requirements your organization must meet in order to be eligible for a Costco grant:

  1. Applicants must be 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations
  2. Organizations must be focusing on children, education, and/or healthcare services
  3. Should only include a monetary request

Note: Costco strictly follows its criteria in terms of focus and organization type. The following is the list of groups/organizations that are not covered by Costco:

  • Individual
  • Government agencies
  • Merchandise and fundraisers
  • PTOs and PTAs
  • Research studies
  • Transportation expenses
  • Political organizations
  • Athletic events
  • Workshops
  • Religious organizations
  • Advocacy programs
  • Staff training
  • Other celebratory events

How to Apply For Costco Grant

Applicants may apply for a Costco grant within the fiscal year of September to August, and each applicant must submit only one application within the said duration. To start your application, first, you must complete the following documentary requirements:

  • Your Cover letter
  • Filled-out W-9 form
  • Organization’s budget information for the current and past year
  • Impacts report (This is applicable for organizations that received previous Costco funding)

There are two giving options offered by Costco, choosing from the two will depend on how broad is the scope of the organization.

Warehouse Donations

This type of grant is for local organizations that cover specific local areas. You may download the Warehouse Donation Request Form which you will submit to the nearest Costco branch.

Grant Applications

This type of grant is for large-scale organizations.

Final Word

Costco has been helping hundreds of organizations from different states in the US for decades. From children’s needs to educational support, and health care services, Costco makes up a great game changer for the betterment of society.

Also, together with the commitment of organizations to help the nation, it’s not impossible to envision a society where all children have access to education and health care.

If you have a non-profit organization that has a similar goal, you can be qualified for a Costco grant. Just submit the necessary requirements and make sure that you meet their qualification criteria.

Frequently Asked Questions
What If My Request Is Time-Sensitive?

If your organization’s planned programs have a specific timetable, Costco advises submitting your application as early as three months before the program will take place so that there will be enough time to review and evaluate your organization’s application or grant request.

What Is Costco’s Review Process?

After submitting your application, Costco will determine if your organization and program purpose fits well with Costco’s donation request guidelines. The review process usually takes some time before your request will be approved, that’s why it's crucial to submit your application two to three months before the program will be implemented.

• For organizations at the warehouse or local level, you may consult Costco’s local warehouse where you submitted your application to get information and updates regarding your donation request.
• For large-scale organizations, the review process may take longer since most programs are broader in scale and purpose. The review process typically takes about four to six weeks, and during this phase, Costco will look into the organization’s program type, financial status, the feasibility of the intended program outcomes, and the target community.

How Will I Know The Status Of My Request?

Once the review process is done and your donation request is approved, Costco will contact you via email, phone call, or letter. The waiting period typically lasts for four to six weeks starting on the day you submitted your application.

If you still haven’t received any message from Costco after six weeks, you might want to visit the nearest Costco Wholesale in your area or send your message to You can use this Costco Locator Tool to search for the contact information of the nearest Costco office in your area.

What Is Costco’s Dollar Limit?

Costco’s grant amount may vary depending on your application level, programs, and existing budget. It’s crucial to take note that organizations should not submit proposals that exceed more than 10 percent of their overall program budget.

Can An Organization Submit More Than One Proposal Per Year?

No. Costco only limits organizations to submit no more than one proposal per fiscal year (September to August).

Are Grants And Donations Limited Only To One Area?

No, Costco supports charitable organizations focusing on children, education, and health care in areas where they do business. There are many Costco branches scattered across the US, which means that they award grants to eligible organizations regardless of location.

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