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Hardship grants for single mothers are programs offered to single mothers aiming to maintain their life stability. These services assist single mothers to support them in terms of living expenses with their children.

Moreover, most of the hardship grants for single mothers are grant programs that do not require to be repaid. These programs focus on various primary components of living for single mothers such as food services, health services, and childcare support.

The assistance that was given from respective programs and services serves as a foundation of resources for families headed by single mothers. We all know that raising a family as a single parent is challenging. Various possible dilemmas or problems can be encountered throughout the journey.

One of the most needed things for a single mother is to be financially stable. But we cannot deny that all single mothers have financial security. According to the 2020 U.S. Census Bureau, over 8.5 families are headed by single mothers. Moreover, the median income for single mothers is $48,098 while $102,308 is expected for married couples.

From the data, there’s a large difference between married couples and single mothers. Many families are still struggling to live as a result of single parenting. These are the major reasons why hardship grants for single mothers are created, to assist and support single mothers.

Available Hardship Grants for Single Mothers

As of now, various hardship grants for single mothers are open nationwide. There are programs and services offered and funded by the federal government. Non-profit organizations also provided programs that can give aid to single mothers. These hardship grants continue to cater to and help many single mothers to improve their respective lifestyles.

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Also known as the Food Stamp program. SNAP assists its beneficiaries by giving them a benefits card. They can use this card whenever they buy from authorized stores without paying anything.

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Must be a resident of the local state where they are applying for.
  • Applicants must qualify for the SNAP’s bank balance limits standard guidelines.


Medicaid is both a federal and state program that aims to provide free and low-cost health and medical services. The said program prioritizes individuals who belong to the low-income community.

This program can assist single mothers to have health insurance.

  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or lawful permanent resident
  • Must be a resident of the local state where you are applying for.
  • Must belong to a low-income community in terms of financial income.
Housing Choice Voucher Program

Also known as Section 8 of the Housing Act of 1937. A program funded by the federal government aims to support low-income and poor families to have appropriate and comfortable houses.

Single mothers can apply for this program to ease their house problems.

  • Must be 18 years old and above and a U.S. Citizen.
  • Single individuals are also qualified and households are even without or with children.
  • The income limit of the household should not exist at 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) within the area where the voucher will be used.
Federal Pell Grant

The program assists low-income undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students in obtaining post-secondary education by addressing their specific requirements. This program is completely free and does not need to be payback. Single mothers can qualify for this program to pursue their education dreams.

  • Must be U.S. citizens.
  • Must demonstrate a financial need.
  • Must be enrolled in a degree or certificate program.
  • Must have a certification statement on their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
Child Care Assistance Program

CCRS&R helps families to support their child care by giving financial aid according to their individual needs. This program mainly focuses on low-income families that suffer financial hardship in child care. CCRS&R can support single mothers with child care.

The applicant's income must be below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Documents Needed for Hardship Grants

Each grant for single mothers may require different documents for the application process. Applicants can see these documents within their application. However, below are some of the common documents required for the application for single-mother hardship grants.

  1. Proof of U.S. citizenship (can be a passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, green card, or employment authorization card)
  2. Proof of date of birth
  3. Proof of Residency
  4. Birth Certificate of your child
  5. Proof of your Income (must meet the standard income guidelines of a specific program)
  6. Proof of Employment
  7. Proof of Enrollment
Frequently Asked Questions
How Can Single Mothers Apply for Hardship Grants?

Typically, single mothers can apply for hardship grants through the granting organization’s website or office, filling out the necessary application forms and providing required documentation.

What Types of Hardship Grants are Available for Single Mothers?

There are several types including:
• Emergency Cash Grants
• Housing Assistance Grants
• Education Grants
• Childcare Assistance Grants
• Food Assistance Grants

Are Hardship Grants Only for Low-Income Single Mothers?

Generally, yes. Many hardship grants target low-income individuals and families, but eligibility criteria vary by program.

Do I Have to Repay a Hardship Grant?

No, grants are typically non-repayable, unlike loans.

Can Single Mothers Apply for Multiple Hardship Grants?

Yes, single mothers can usually apply for multiple grants as long as they meet the eligibility criteria for each grant.

How Long Does it Take to Receive Funds After Applying?

The timeline varies depending on the grant provider and the specific grant program, but some grants, especially emergency ones, may disburse funds relatively quickly.

Can Single Mothers Use Hardship Grants for Any Purpose?

It depends on the grant. Some grants are earmarked for specific uses like education or housing, while others may be used for various needs.

Do Hardship Grants Affect Other Benefits?

They might. Receiving a grant may impact eligibility for other forms of aid or assistance, so it’s crucial to check the rules of each program and benefit.

Is There a Limit on the Amount of Money One Can Receive from a Hardship Grant?

Yes, most grants have maximum amounts that can be awarded, and these amounts vary by program and the specific needs of the applicant.

Are There Specific Hardship Grants for Single Mothers Going to School?

Yes, there are specific educational grants available for single mothers pursuing higher education, such as the Pell Grant.

Can Single Fathers Apply for Hardship Grants?

Yes, single fathers facing financial difficulties can also apply for hardship grants, though availability may vary.

How Can I Find Legitimate Hardship Grants?

You can look for legitimate grants through government websites, reputable non-profit organizations, and accredited educational institutions. Avoid scams by verifying the legitimacy of any organization you interact with.

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Hardship Grants?

It depends on the use of the grant and the tax laws. Some grants may be considered taxable income, so consult with a tax professional or refer to tax guidelines to determine any tax obligations.

Can I Apply for Hardship Grants if I Have Bad Credit?

Yes, most hardship grants do not require a credit check as they are need-based, not credit-based.

Where Can I Find Information on Local Hardship Grants?

Local Department of Health and Human Services offices, community centers, and local non-profits often have information on available local grants and other forms of assistance.

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