There is no doubt that many working individuals, fresh graduates, and people who are starting their careers in the workforce have the desire to work in the federal government. Not only does it involve a lot of benefits but government jobs also ensure a secure job for its employees.

Since the government is a continuous working force that serves the country, you will not worry about being laid off or terminated so long as you fulfill your job responsibilities properly.

In addition to this, the federal government cares about its employees and offers more vacation leaves with and/or without pay than those from private institutions.

Furthermore, if you happened to serve the government throughout your working years and you finally reached your retirement year, the government will not just let you leave their team and forget you. Instead, they also offer retirement benefits for you!

You just need to inquire about retirement plans in the following agencies:

  1. Civil Services Retirement System (CSRS); or
  2. Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS).

How Can One Apply for a Government Job?

There are a lot of government agencies you can apply for. If you are a student, a fresh graduate, a veteran, a person with a disability, or a regular applicant, there are opportunities for you.

There are several options on how you can apply for a job in the federal government. You can choose either of the following:

  1. Walk-in application; or
  2. Through the USAJOBS website.

Walk-In Application

If you are familiar with the location of the agency you desire to apply for, you can visit their office or schedule an appointment with an employer to submit your resume and other required documents.

After submitting the requisites, expect to be contacted by your employer for an interview.

Through The USAJOBS Website

To be able to apply for your desired position online, you can search USAJOBS in your browser. To utilize this site just do the following steps:

  • When you are on the site, just tick the sign-in option at the upper right side of the screen and put in your email and password. If you don’t have an account yet, simply tick the signup option and follow the steps on the page;
  • After creating your profile, upload your resume;
  • Afterward, search for job openings that you think you are qualified for;
  • Tick the job opening you intend to apply for and check for the requisites and qualifications; and
  • Make sure that your documents and files are complete before submitting your application to the agency that the job opening is under.

Are there Available Jobs for the Disabled, Students, and Fresh Graduates?

Yes, the government is open to individuals who are disabled. This goes the same when you still haven’t earned your college degree or you still haven’t acquired years of experience in your field.

Compared to private hiring institutions which have strict rules and qualifications, you have a better chance to get employed even if you have a disability, are still, a student, or are still a fresh graduate when you choose to apply for the federal government.

In order to find a job suitable for these situations, check the filters under student and recent graduates and individuals with disabilities on the right side of the USAJOBS website along with the agency, you desire to apply for.

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