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Apple remote jobs allow individuals to work from their respective homes. It provides great payroll and benefits for its employees. However, Apple remote jobs are kind of different from usual jobs, it requires specific capability and experience for an individual to qualify. This type of job type is a  good source of financial income.

Most Common Apple Remote Jobs

At Home Advisor is the common remote job for Apple. This type of job assists customers with troubleshooting and technical support or customer service through email, phone chat or call.

It is a part of the Apple Support Group and allows individuals to work from their respective homes. Apple pays competitive income for its At Home Advisers. It can range from $14-$16 per hour. It also offers part-time and full-time jobs. Usually, the training for At Home Advisers will last for over 9 weeks through digital platforms.

 Benefits of being an At Home Advisor

  • Great payroll
  • Discounts within Apple items
  • Brand new Mac Computer provided by the company

Qualifications for At-Home Advisors

  • Focus on customer service and passion for work
  • Discipline for the remote job
  • Typing speed of at least 35 wpm
  • Professional expertise in troubleshooting and abilities within technical works

Technical Requirements

  • Quiet and peaceful workplace
  • Desk and ergonomic chair
  • High-speed internet
  • Phone landline with disabled features

Other Types of Apple Remote Jobs

There’s a wide option of Apple remote jobs that are available. Here are some of the apple job programs in which individuals can apply.

Senior Systems Administrator

Senior Systems Administrator is a remote job that independently works to configure and install server systems, create a client system image, and deploy Macintosh-based network architecture.

They handle the implementation, daily operations, maintenance, and continuous operation of technology-related issues. It also has a wide variety of responsibilities and duties but it pays great. However, a broad range of abilities is required for a remote job.

Senior Desktop Support Technician

Senior Desktop Support Technician manages the day-to-day support of Apple/macOS-based systems. The work includes supporting end-user activities such as software installation, troubleshooting, hardware repair.

It also includes hardware deployment within mobile devices, desktops, laptops, printers, and other conference room equipment. This remote job does not require a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree will do however good Information Technology (IT) is required.

Installation Desktop Technician

Installation Desktop Technician is a remote job that assists and helps staff within the configuration, installation, and ongoing usability of desktops, laptops, software, and peripheral equipment. It primarily supports the customer’s installation within the item. 

This job requires good communication skills to solve the customer’s problem effectively. An associate degree in computer-centred discipline can work for this job; however, a  bachelor’s degree is an advantage.

Community Engagement Specialist

Community Engagement Specialist is a full-time and remote job. It primarily proposes and defines a new community member onboarding program.

The job also includes analysis of engagement trends on community members and implementation of metrics for effective program analysis. A bachelor’s degree is required for this job.

Support Technologies Junior Software Developer

Support Technologies Junior Software Developer is a full-time job with an option for remote work. It mainly writes, maintains, and debugs software that will improve the support of the support team.

This job works independently and focuses on data and security privacy. It requires a bachelor’s degree and satisfactory experience upon creating an entire application.

Education Leadership Executive Manager

Education Leadership Executive Manager provides core education within several customers’ profiles. The work responsibilities also include designing and conducting field sale strategy, coaching and mentoring a team, providing practices, and supervising the HD functions and budget.

It requires a bachelor’s degree and a great set of skills. Moreover, it is a full time and remote job.

Software Development Manager

Software Development Managers lead the software developers within their respective works. It also prioritizes resources to achieve goals, mentor employees, create established teams and perform the development of the application through several programming languages. A bachelor’s degree is required for this job. It is a full-time job and has an option to work remotely.

Senior Software Engineer (Manufacturing)

Senior Software Engineer (Manufacturing) develops new features within the company. It writes code in an application through Go and Model SQL, reviews various codes, deploys migrations, optimizes queries, and design load tests.

The work also includes the analysis and visualization of large data sets. This work pays high; however, the requirements are also high. A bachelor's degree is required as well as a five-year experience.

Employee Relations Consultant (Investigations)

Employee Relations Consultant (Investigations) works for the identification, analysis,  and implementation of resolutions for sensitive and complex issues or problems.

It also investigates alleged workplace misconduct and prepares and presents findings. This job is remote and full-time work, however; a bachelor’s degree is required.

Quality Program Manager

Quality Program Manager works within the company teams for the improvement of performance quality and customer experience, project management, and help coordination within new programs.

This job is in a remote position and requires experience in contact center management.

Find and Apply for Remote Job

There’s a broad range of Apple remote jobs where individuals can apply for. You can find the best remote job that will suit you.  Visit Apple official website and join the community.

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