Government Grants for Home Improvement Help With Home Repairs and Modifications

Government grants for home improvement is a program that provides support and assistance for individuals to repair and improve their homes.

It helps eligible households to renovate their homes by providing free financial assistance or grants. These programs are generally created and handled by the U.S federal government and local state government units.
Also, they’re the ones that provide funds for home improvement programs. Most of the programs prioritize low-income individuals who don’t have enough financial sources for home renovation.

Moreover, there are also home improvement programs that focus on the elderly and veterans. The main objective of these programs is to support households that are not capable of having home renovation throughout the United States.
Home improvement is important for each individual as it is our main shelter. Homes play a huge part in our life. Thus, home improvement programs also secure the safety of each individual who lives in them. In this way, individuals will be assured that there can’t be hazards in their homes.

How Much it Cost to Renovate a Home?

According to Rocket Mortgage, a home renovation will cost approximately $15,000 – $200,000. However, it will still depend on the characteristics of the house and the changes that would be done.

But from the data, $15,000 is still a large amount of money that will be needed to improve a home. It will require households to be financially stable before having a home renovation.
Some families especially those who belong to the community will always stay behind as they cannot afford home improvement. This is why the government made home improvement grants, to assist and help households that are not capable of having a home renovation.

Federal Program for Home Improvements

As of now, home improvement programs were available throughout the United States.

There are programs from the federal government, local state government, and non-profit organizations everywhere.

With these, more families will be able to improve their respective homes for their safety.

What are the Available Government Grants for Home Improvement

Various government grants for home improvement are open and available throughout the United States.

Refer below for some of the programs that focus on home repair and renovation.
HOME Investment Partnerships Program
HOME Investment Partnerships Program is the largest federal block grant that supports and assists eligible households in their home improvement.

The U.S Department for Housing and Urban Development (HUD) handles the HOME program. It primarily provides formula grants for the local state government of the United States that can be used for a broad range of home building, buying, and renovating activities.
Moreover, the program offers partnerships for the local government with non-profit organizations or groups. Within the program, home improvements are also included; however, programs will vary depending on the local state government units.
The flexibility of the program will allow local state governments to create their program with regard to the housing industry and benefits their eligible residents.

• Must be a U.S citizen.
• Must be a resident of the local state where you’re applying for.
• Household income must be under the HUD-adjusted median family income.
• Further requirements will depend on the local state government.
Housing Improvement Program (HIP)
The Housing Improvement Program (HIP) is a program by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) that helps eligible individuals with their home improvements. It primarily provides financial assistance that can be used for the expenses of home renovation.
However, the said program is limited to low-income individuals who belong to the American Indian Tribe or Alaska Natives. The main goal of the HIP is to eliminate substantially substandard homes by providing support for their renovation and improvement.

• Must belong to the federally recognized American Indian tribe or Alaska Native.
• Must live in an approved tribal service area.
• Must be under 125% of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Poverty Guidelines.
Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH)
Specially Adapted Housing Grant (SAH) is a program handled by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that provides home renovation assistance for veterans.

It will give financial aid to individuals that meet its eligibility requirements.

As the program focuses on veterans, it assures its capability to help every beneficiary with their home renovation.

Must be a veteran.
Must own a home.
Must have a qualifying service-connected disability.

Am I Eligible for the Government Grants for Home Improvement

The application process for government grants for home improvement varies wildly depending on each program. You can visit your local state office to know more information and applications within the programs.

There are also online websites of the programs for the process. Refer to the list below for the application process for the mentioned program above.
• HOME Investment Partnerships Program - Activities and applications will depend on local government units.

• Housing Improvement Program – Visit your local BIA social service provider to start the application for the said program.

• Specially Adapted Housing Grant – Visit the ebenefits official website to start the application process.
Required Documents for the Application
Required documents for the application of government grants for home improvement may vary. Some agencies can require more specific documents for their applications throughout the process.

However, check the list of the common documents that individuals may need for the application of the said programs.
1. Proof of U.S. citizenship
2. Proof of residency
3. Proof of Home Ownership
4. Proof of your Income (must meet the standard income guidelines of a specific program)
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