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Lowe’s Home Improvement Grant Program Awarded 100 Neighborhood


Lowe’s home improvement is a widely known company that owns approximately 2,200 hardware stores and provides home improvement services across the US and Canada. Patronized by millions of customers from different states, Lowe’s home improvement no doubt earns huge amounts of profit annually. Earning about 9.6 billion dollars in the fiscal year 2021 alone.

Since the company’s success, Lowe’s home improvement has also been supporting neighbouring communities by conducting different programs that aim to provide safe, affordable homes and disaster relief operations. In partnership with different organizations, Lowe’s home improvement will continue to serve and make a positive impact within the communities.

Lowe’s Home Improvement Goals and Responsibilities

Lowe’s home improvement does not only offer quality hardware products and home improvement services, but it also establishes goals focused on improving the quality of life of the common people. With that said, Lowe’s has responsibilities that serve as foundations for achieving these goals:

Offers Safe And Affordable Housing

Lowe’s has been serving hundreds of communities that need support in housing. To widen the scope of this program, the company works with different non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity International and Rebuilding Together.

In 2003, Lowe’s home improvement proved its charity by contributing about $65 million to Habitat for Humanity International for the said goal. Not only that but Lowe’s also helped in building homes for about 17,000 families within the country.

• Enhance Skill Trades Education - Skilled trades education refers to jobs that require a specific skill, ability, or knowledge. Good examples of skilled trades are carpentry and farming. These are crucial skills needed for the nation’s success. However, one of the prevalent issues in society is the lack of people’s interest in the field of Skilled Trades.

To address this issue, Lowe’s, together with different non-profit organizations, established education, training, and job opportunities that encourage people to engage in this field. In fact, Lowe’s already developed their Track to the Trades Program that offers career opportunities and financial support to thousands of their associates.

Provides Relief To People Affected By Disasters

Another profound responsibility of Lowe’s is conducting relief operations within communities severely affected by calamities. Not only does Lowe’s contribute to clean-up and re-building operations, but they also donate millions of dollars for food, shelter, and other essential needs of the affected citizens.

In 2021, Lowe’s was able to launch a program named Tool Rental Disaster Response Trailer, which aims to help people affected by disasters in reviving their businesses and homes. The good thing about this is that you can easily access the trailer by going to the nearest Lowe’s store. Lowe’s home improvement is indeed sunshine within a raging storm.

Provides Support To Military Veterans

Lowe’s home improvement grants do not end in housing programs and disaster relief operations, rather, it extends to supporting military veterans. Lowe’s established funding and volunteer programs for veterans and military members. It also offers military discounts for certain purchases exclusive to members and veterans of the military.

Provides Support To Ordinary Citizens

Lowe’s does not choose who to help, but rather they try their best to widen the scope of their grant programs. With Lowe’s Heroes program, the company encourages its employees to help ordinary citizens in their community.

This is done by allocating funds to each Lowe’s home improvement store. These funds are to be used for a specific project that will benefit the whole community, say for example a children’s park, a center, or a classroom.

Lowe’s Home Improvement Grants

Lowe’s home improvement has proven its commitment and generosity to the community, and its achievements throughout the years seem too much to count. If you want to know a few, below is a list of some grants offered by Lowe’s home improvement.

Lowe’s Hometown Program

Just this March 2022, Lowe’s announced that the company will be investing $100 million in a five-year program intended for helping the communities they serve.

Beginning in 2022 up until 2026, Lowe’s will complete thousands of projects such as housing, community centers, parks, and classrooms. Each year, approximately 1,800 impact projects, 100 nominated projects, and 1,700 selected projects by Lowe’s are aimed to be completed.

Small Business Grants

One of Lowe’s goals is to support minority businesses to reach their entrepreneurship goals.

In 2020, Lowe’s launched its first wave of $25 million grants to eligible small businesses across the country. This is done to help entrepreneurs cope with the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In July of the same year, Lowe’s added another $25 million in funds for the program and with the help of LISC ( Local Initiatives Support Corporation), increased the first $25 million to $30 million. This makes a total of $55 million budget for the minority small business grants program.

Toolbox For Education Grants

Established by Lowe’s Charitable Education Foundation (LCEF), this grant assists group parents in improving the school their child is enrolled at. Parents who want the best learning for their child makes this program a good choice.

Whether you want to improve the school’s classrooms, add useful learning materials, or add comfort to the learning environment, toolbox education grants are there to help you. However, the latest updates conclude that there is still no open application for this grant.

Employee Bonus

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lowe’s Companies granted $100 million worth of bonuses to about 300,000 employees across 2,200 stores in the country. This means that full-time workers of Lowe’s each get $300 while part-time workers each get $150.

Lowe’s Companies have been providing wage bonuses to their employees ever since and will continue to do so, if you are one of Lowe’s store associates, there’s no doubt you’ll get a load of benefits from the company you work for.

Final Thoughts

Lowe’s Companies have since proven its real generosity to our communities. With millions of grants given to hundreds of communities and millions of citizens, who knows how much more they can do?

Although open applications for grants are not available at the moment, Lowe’s guarantees that they will still provide charity and support to the community and its members.

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