Lowe’s Home Improvement Provides Quality Service

Lowe’s Home Improvement is a service provider and a hardware store that started from a small-time hardware store and developed into one of the leading home improvement services in the US.

The primary aim of Lowe’s is to provide quality service to homeowners and renters in improving their homes and business establishments in terms of repairs, remodelling, and designing.

How Lowe’s Home Improvement Services Work

Lowe’s home improvement is committed to providing quality service to customers. In fact, the cornerstone of the company involves corporate responsibility to achieve customer satisfaction.
The company utilizes beneficent strategies, environment-friendly programs, as well as trained workers in order to achieve quality service that will satiate customers’ needs in terms of home improvement.
Other than home improvement services, you can also avail yourself of Lowe’s home improvement products and appliances through their official website. Just log in to your Lowe’s shopping account or create one if you still haven’t got one. You can also call their 1-800-44LOWES (1-800-445-6937).
Total Home Strategy
Total Home Strategy is Lowe’s strategic plan for enhancing market share acceleration and ensuring quality services to customers. This involves enabling the accessibility of products and services to different types of consumers.

Rest assured that you’re in good hands with Lowe’s home improvement since they prioritize and focus on the needs of consumers.
5 Areas of Focus
Lowe’s total home strategy involves 5 focus areas that contribute to the enhancement of market share acceleration. These areas are the following:

1. Pro penetration strategy;
2. Online business acceleration;
3. Installation services expansion;
4. Localization of services; and
5. Assortment elevation.
According to Lowe’s Chief Executive Officer, Marvin R. Ellison, Lowe’s home improvement had faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite these challenges, Lowe’s associates and other employees are committed to helping and supporting customers in maintaining their homes and business establishments amidst the crisis by offering quality services and affordable products, so rest assured that investing in Lowe’s for your home improvement will not put your money to waste.
Lowe’s Home Services
Planning an improvement project for your home? Lowe’s offers a variety of home services from appliances, windows, doors, and countertops to spaces like kitchen set-up, living room, bathroom, or even the whole home.

Lowe’s certainly got you covered. If you want to know more about home services by Lowe’s, you can visit their official site and tick the home services option.

You Will Not Regret Choosing Lowe’s Home Services

The benefits you can get from Lowe’s home services are:

• There are financing options to choose from that will enable you to finish the project without hurting your budget;
• Installers are background checked, insured, and licensed to ensure quality services to your home;
• Associates have a broad knowledge of products that will be used/installed in your home; and
• Services include a 1-year warranty upon installation to offer you peace of mind.
Save Dollars With Lowe’s
Other than home services, Lowe’s home improvement also offers affordable products with a lot of designs and variations to choose from. Just look for product deals and discounts on Lowe’s official shopping site.
Upon visiting the site, just tick on the savings tab and you’ll be presented with discounted product deals that will surely save you a lot of dollars and at the same time, improve your home as you desire.
You can access more discounts and deals by using the following services from Lowe’s:

• Weekly Ads;
• Bulk Savings;
• Credit Cards by Lowe’s; and
• Subscriptions

Home Repair Assistance Programs

Other home improvement programs in the US are usually funded by the federal government. Below are some examples:
Single-Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants
This program is also known as the section 504 home repair program which aims to provide housing loans to households with very low incomes.

Further, this also provides housing grants to elderly people with very low incomes. Eligibility for this program may depend on the location or address of the applicant.
Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)
This program aims to provide weatherization services to eligible households. This helps in reducing heating and cooling costs and it can also reduce the energy consumption of certain appliances.
Home Equity Loans
In this type of loan, your house will serve as collateral for the money that you borrow. The money can be used to pay major expenses like hospital bills, medicine, education, and major home repairs.

You must make sure to pay back the loan on time so as to avoid your house being foreclosed on by the lender.
Frequently Asked Questions
How to check my order status?
If you want to check your order status, simply log in to your MyLowe’s account and check the details of your order. You can also track your order by entering your order number.
How to return or exchange an item?
The majority of Lowe’s products have a 90-day return policy wherein you are only allowed to return the item during this period.

For an online purchase, go to your purchase history and start a return online process before shipping the item back to the shop.
For an in-store purchase, make sure to provide proof of purchase upon return of the item. You may also utilize the return barcode feature as well which can be accessed on the order details page.

Take note that not all items are available for returns, bulk equipment like outdoor power equipment or appliances may have shorter return periods.
How to cancel my order?
If your item has not been shipped or picked up yet, you can cancel your order by logging in to your MyLowe’s account and going to the Orders and Purchases section. When on the page, select the item you want to remove/cancel.
Afterwards, tap Details and finally tap Cancel. You will be asked for a reason for your cancellation, select one and proceed. You will receive an email confirming the action afterward.
How can I purchase an installation service?
You can purchase an installation service in three ways, mainly:

• Online – Tick this link to get started: When on the page, select the installation service you are looking for and you and a Lowe’s associate might schedule an in-home consultation;

• In-store – You can visit the nearest Lowe’s home improvement store in your area and choose the service you are looking for; or

• Phone call – Dial 1-877-GO-LOWES to be assisted by an associate for your installation purchase.
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