Home Loan For Renovation - A Flexible Option For Debt Relief

Home Loan for Renovation provides financial assistance for homeowners to reconstruct and develop their respective. These programs assist homeowners who want to improve their homes but are not financially secure for the expenses.

Generally, these programs continue to boost the industry of home improvement throughout the United States. However, financial assistance from home renovation loans is not given for free.
As these programs are loans, assistance was just borrowed and needs to be repaid. Each home renovation loan has its loan terms coordinated for the payment process and method.

But then, these loans play a huge part in the home improvement industry. It helps and caters to more homeowners to renovate their houses and helps them throughout the financing of expenses.

An Increase of Home Loans for Renovation Needs During the Pandemic

American individuals always value their homes from the main structure to the paint color. According to Improving America’s Housing 2021, home renovations increased by 3.5% even amidst a pandemic.

Moreover, households consumed almost $420 billion for their home improvement, reconstruction, and enhancement. Within the data, we can compare home renovations to a trend.
However, having home renovations will cost a high value for the homeowners, especially for major reconstruction. This aspect will require homeowners to be financially stable.

On the other side, many American individuals lost their financial security as a result of the pandemic. These individuals need assistance to properly address their respective home improvements.

Home renovation loans became the primary source of finance for homeowners through their home improvement.

Risk of Home Loan for Renovation

At some point, home renovation loans can be risky for homeowners. It requires the capability of homeowners for payment.

This is for the lenders to have an assurance that borrowers will be able to return their respective loans. However, home renovation loans undergo a legal and systematic process, each loan has its own rules and regulations.

But still, the main purpose of a home renovation loan is to assist homeowners with home improvement.

What are the Available Home Loans for Renovation?

Home Rehabilitation Mortgage Insurance

Commonly known as the FHA 203(k) Loan. The program helps homeowners to finance both the purchase and rehabilitation of a house on a single loan. It was mainly composed of two different sections.
1. FHA Limited 203(k) – Limited 203(k) is for houses that can be renovated with a maximum loan amount of $35,000. As long as the cost of rehabilitation will not exceed the given amount, you’re eligible for this program.

2. FHA Standard 203(k) – Standard 203(k) is intended for house improvement that will cost more than $35,000. This means that homeowners need to loan a huge amount of money to renovate their houses properly.

• All individuals are eligible for this program as long as they can pay monthly mortgage payments.
• Individuals in cooperative units are automatically disqualified

Application process

• To apply for this program, applicants must contact the FHA lender. You can check it by navigating to hud official website and starting the application process.
Rural Housing Loans
This program helps homeowners with the financing of home renovation. Its main goal is to improve the beneficiary’s permanent residency within the rural area. Moreover, this program is a direct and guaranteed loan.

• Must be a U.S Citizen and permanent resident.
• Must belong to a very low-, low- or moderate-income community.

Application Process

• To apply for this program, applicants must contact their USDA Rural Development field office for more information.
Rural Housing: Housing Repair Loans and Grants
This program supports homeowners upon home renovation by giving them financial loans. However, this program mainly focuses on homes within the rural community. It prioritizes low-income individuals and senior citizens.

• Must be U.S citizens and permanent residents in a rural area.
• Must be a homeowner who belongs to a low income.
Applicants for the Grant Program must be at least 62 years old.

Application Process

• You can apply for this program thru an online application, just visit USDA official website You can also visit your State's Rural Development field office.
Section 504 Home Repair Program
Also known Single-Family Housing Repair Loans and Grants This service allows eligible beneficiaries to reconstruct and enhance their homes by paying compensation. The said program primarily prioritizes low-income individuals and senior citizens.

• Credit score of at least 580 for loans with a 3.5% down payment.
• A credit score between 500-579 for loans with a 10% down payment.
• Must have a MIP (Mortgage Insurance Premium).
• The home that will be renovated must be the homeowner’s primary residence.
• Must be able to show proof of employment and a consistent source of income.
Application process

• Apply for this program online. Go to https://pubmai.sc.egov.usda.gov/ to start the application process.
Required Documents for the Application
Each home renovation loan requires specific documents during the application process. You will be able to see what documents they need to qualify for the program through your application. However, below are some of the most commonly required documents for the application process for home renovation loans.
1. Proof of U.S. citizenship
2. Proof of Residency
3. Proof of Home Ownership
4. Proof of your Income (must meet the standard income guidelines of a specific program)
5. Proof of Employment
Get Approved in Minutes.

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