Maryland Unemployment Assistance

Maryland Unemployment Assistance is a federal and local program that provides benefits for unemployed individuals in Maryland. Most of these program help by giving financial assistance to support individuals that are unemployed as a result of the pandemic.
Individuals can use financial aid from unemployment assistance for their living stability such as food, housing, rent, and more. They have the freedom to use their respective benefits as long as it will support and assist them amidst a crisis.
Moreover, financial assistance from the said program is given as grants, it does not require beneficiaries to repay it.

Millions of individuals lost their respective jobs as a result of Covid-19. The unemployment rate within local states of the United States unimaginably decreased. The unemployment of the state is 5.9% as of August 2021.
Moreover, financial assistance from the said program is given as grants, it does not require beneficiaries to repay it.

Millions of individuals lost their respective jobs as a result of Covid-19. The unemployment rate within local states of the United States unimaginably decreased. The unemployment of the state is 5.9% as of August 2021.
It is continuously recovering from its peak at 6.8% last 2020 when the pandemic hits the United States. Individuals also lost their financial source as they lost jobs, and this is where life became difficult.

But then, unemployment assistance programs were created, to assist individuals who lost their jobs. The main goal of this program is to support and assist unemployed individuals throughout the United States.
The Maryland Department of Labor manages the regulation and disbursement of unemployment assistance throughout the said state. It creates and handles the rules and processes on how these programs will be given.

Also, it caters to and assists individuals who have problems with unemployment assistance. The Maryland Department of Labor ensures that unemployed individuals must receive their respective unemployment benefits.

What is Available Maryland Unemployment Assistance?

There’s a wide variety of available unemployment assistance in Maryland. Most of these were created and funded by the U.S federal government and handled by the local state government.
However, there is also localized unemployment assistance within the said state. Each type of unemployment assistance differs from another one. They will be different in different aspects such as benefits, eligibility rules, and others.
Individuals have the right to choose what unemployment assistance they will apply for as long as they are qualified for it. Refer to the list below for the available unemployment assistance in Maryland.
Maryland Unemployment Insurance
Maryland Unemployment Insurance is a program created by the local state government of Maryland aiming to help and assist unemployed individuals throughout the said state. It prioritizes those individuals who lost their job without their fault.

The said program mainly provides financial assistance for eligible beneficiaries to support and give aid upon sustaining their life.

1. Must be unemployed.
2. Must have worked in Maryland for the past 12 months before the application for the program.
3. Must have earned at least $1,176 for the highest-paid quarter of the base period.
COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits
COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits are a broad range of programs that help and support unemployed individuals as a result of the pandemic. These programs provide financial assistance for their beneficiaries.
There are a variety of COVID-19 unemployment benefits in Maryland. Each kind of program offers different benefits and duration. All of these programs were handled by the Maryland Department of Labor.
However, most of the COVID-19 unemployment benefits just ended last September 04, 2021.

1. Must be unemployed with no fault on their own.
2. Must have earned minimum wages before unemployment.
3. Must be available to work and seek employment upon applying for the programs.

Check the list of available COVID-19 unemployment benefits below.
Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA)
This program provides financial aid for eligible individuals. It prioritizes those unemployed individuals who did not qualify for regular Unemployment Insurance. The said program was made to ensure that all unemployed individuals will receive benefits.
Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC)
This program gives financial benefits to individuals who received at least $1 from other unemployment benefits. It serves as an additional supplemental benefit to assure those unemployed individuals will ease their financial hardships.
Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC)
This program provides benefits for individuals with exhausted benefits on regular Unemployment Insurance. It will provide additional benefits for its beneficiaries for up to 35 weeks.

What is BEACON?

BEACON is an online system that handles unemployment assistance applications within Maryland. It was created by the Maryland Department of Labor Division of Unemployment Insurance to cater for individuals and assess their problems regarding unemployment assistance.
Within the system, individuals can file a claim for their regular Unemployment Insurance (IC). It also allows individuals to apply for Covid-19 Unemployment Benefits. Just sign-up within the system’s portal and the application or filing process can be done.

Required Information and Documents for the Application

The Maryland Department of Labor will require personal information and document for the application process of unemployment assistance to determine an individual’s eligibility. Information and document may vary depending on the type of unemployment assistance.
Refer below for some of the common information and documents that need to prepare.
Personal Information
• Date of birth
• Alien Registration Number (for applicants who are not U.S citizens)
• Email address
• Telephone number
• Residential and mailing addresses
• Social Security Number
• For dependents under 16, prepare • Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number (SSN)
Employment Information (applies for the past 18 months)
• Employers’ information (Name, Address, Telephone)
• Date of the start of employment and unemployment
• Return-to-work date (if known and applicable)
• Union name and local number (for union members)
• DD Form 214 (for individuals within the military)
• Form SF-8 (for federal employees)
For Wage or W-2 Hourly Employees

• Pay Stubs
• IRS Form W-2
For independent contractors or self-employed individuals
• IRS Form 1099
• Independent Contractor Agreement
• Business Formation Papers
• Summary of Quarterly Payments
• Accounts Receivable Statement
• Income Tax K-1 Schedule
• Tax Return: Schedule C
• Profit and Loss Statement
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