Salvation Army Provides Social Services to Those in Need

Salvation Army is an international Christian organization that provides social services to help and assist those individuals in need in the community.

It was mainly built in Canada last 1882 and continuously serves 400 communities in Canada and 130 countries around the world. Now, the said organization is the largest non-governmental direct provider of social services within Canada.
The Salvation Army created several programs such as emergency disaster services, food services, housing and shelter, and international children's sponsorship. The said programs are movements that primarily support and assist individuals that need it.
Here are some of the common programs from the Salvation Army.

1. Free food services
2. House and shelter for homeless individuals
3. Palliative care for needy individuals
4. Christmas assistance for families
5. School programs
6. Camps

Salvation Army’s Assistance Programs in Canada

Any individual or legitimate entity can avail our services. However, you need to be of legal age in your jurisdiction in order to create an account with us.
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Here are some of the Canadian programs of the Salvation Army.

• Emergency Disaster Services
• Food Services
• Housing and Shelters
• International Children's Sponsorship
Emergency Disaster Services
The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) provides immediate assistance for individuals that are affected by natural disasters and emergencies. It started providing aid during an emergency when the Halifax Explosion killed almost 1,600 individuals.
As of now, the Salvation Army’s EDS has become an international networking service that is made up of trained individuals and volunteers from all over the world. The goal of the said program is to assist and support individuals that are impacted by disasters and produce their necessities.
In addition, the EDS personnel are working with the municipal government units to provide great and reliable services for affected individuals.
The Salvation Army’s EDS provides several services within disaster areas. Refer to the list below for the services from the said program.

• Food and Hydration
• Emotional and Spiritual Care
• Donation Management
• Disaster Social Services
• Long-Term Recovery Programs
Below are some of the common natural disasters where the Salvation Army’s EDS provides assistance.

• Earthquake
• Hurricane
• Tsunami
• Forest fire
• Tornado
• Ice storms
• Severe rainstorms
Food Services
The Salvation Army’s Food Services provides funds to support and provide food for needy individuals. It prioritizes families with children, low-income individuals, people on social assistance, and Canadians with a fixed income.
The said program is aiming to end the hunger of millions of individuals and provide the food and nutrition they need.
The Salvation Army’s Food Services were done in three different ways.

• Food Banks
• Community Meals
• School Meals
Food Banks
Food Banks is an organization that provides food for individuals that need it or those individuals that suffer from poverty that cannot afford to buy their food.

In this way, the Salvation Army can help more needy individuals with the organization. According to the Salvation Army, they supported almost 1.2 men, women, and children with their food banks last year.
Community Meals
Community Meals are done by the Salvation Army to provide food assistance for several individuals within different communities.

It is also the way to access other assistance programs of the said organization. The Salvation Army’s Community Meals reached 2.8 million and were given to needy individuals last year.
School Meals
School Meals target students who are in lack support with their food and nutrition.

Last year, the Salvation Army provided over 84,000 school meals within breakfast programs of different schools in Canada. With these, the organization aided those students that continue to suffer from hungriness.
Housing and Shelters
The Salvation Army’s Housing and Shelter are programs that primarily help those individuals who are at risk of homelessness.

It prioritizes those men and women individuals and families with children especially those individuals that suffer from long-term homeliness and home exclusion. The said program was divided into three different programs.
Check the program list under the Salvation Army’s Housing and Shelter.

• Emergency Shelters
• Transitional Housing
• Youth/Senior Housing
Emergency Shelters
Emergency Shelters provide temporary housing services for individuals during emergencies who do not have homes to go for. Individuals can stay within shelters at night for extreme weather response while 30-90 days are offered for individuals that need emergency shelter.
Transitional Housing
Transitional Housing provides housing units and services to individuals who do not have any homes. It primarily takes assistance to end the homelessness of its beneficiaries.

Within transitional housing, individuals can stay for 6 months up to 2 years. Also, it provides several services such as job and employment search assistance.
Youth/Senior Housing
Youth/Senior Housing provides home services for youths and senior citizens that experience homelessness. It provides a variety of services such as education and employment programs.
International Children's Sponsorship
The Salvation Army also offers scholarships for children internationally. Brighter Futures Sponsor is a program by the said organization that provides financial assistance for its children's beneficiaries.
It can be used for food, clothing, shelter, education, or medical needs for the children. Also, the program aims to improve the spiritual and loving care of children beneficiaries throughout the world.

Support for the Salvation Army

There are various ways how to provide support for the salvation of the Army. It can be done through volunteering or giving donations for the programs of the said organization. Refer to the list below for the ways how to support the Salvation Army.
1. Volunteer: Individuals who want to volunteer for the Salvation Army can apply through the official website.

2. Donation: Individuals who want to donate funds for the programs of the Salvation Army can donate online for a fast and reliable transaction.

Salvation Army Offices

To find the nearest Salvation Army Headquarters in your area, visit the salvation army online locator. Within the page, you can check the details of the different headquarters of the Salvation Army and more information.
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