Travel Medical Assistance Provides Health Related Services

Travel medical assistance is a program that provides services within the health and medical care of a traveller. It primarily provides medical assistance when it is needed amidst the travel period of an individual.

The main purpose of travel medical assistance is to support and assist individuals who travel with their health stability.

Moreover, this assistance is a way to have an efficient response for emergencies that are medically related. The capability of this assistance will help every traveller to access a great medical service.

Even though travel medical assistance is not a priority upon travelling, it is very important for every individual. It guarantees the protection of every individual who travels. 

Travel medical assistance is necessary for some individuals especially for an individual with underlying medical conditions, pregnant women, senior citizens, and individuals who travel for more than 6 months.

This is significant to ensure that there will be health and medical support for possible problems. Nowadays, individuals must practice having travel medical assistance for their safety.

Travel medical assistance provides a broad range of benefits and support for its beneficiaries. Most travel medical is insurance for travellers. However, there is also travel medical assistance from programs and scholarships but they are limited.

Coverage of Travel Medical Assistance

The services that are being offered from travel medical assistance will vary on the type of assistance. However, this assistance provides a broad range of services that can be useful for emergencies within travel.

Refer to the list below for some of the common coverage of medical assistance.


Find and locate a local medical facility and professionals

Unexpected instances may occur while an individual is travelling. Some emergencies may happen and result in situations such as injuries or illnesses that need a  medical doctor. 

Travel medical assistance will assist its beneficiaries to easily find a doctor and medical facility to cater and assist them.

Translation services for medical facilities

Travellers who are admitted to medical facilities from other regions or countries may need translation services for the communication between the doctor and other facility staff.

Payment for hospital expenses

Travel medical assistance covers and guarantees to pay the hospital bills and expenses of its beneficiaries. With this, travellers will not be stressed with their expenses within hospitals.

Condition monitoring

After the discharge of the traveller from a hospital, staff will still contact the traveller to monitor his/her condition. This is done to maintain if the individual is medically stable to continue his/her travel.

Transferring to a medical facility or hospital

If the local medical facility is not capable of providing the necessary medical procedures, travel medical assistance also covers the process of transferring the traveller to a hospital that can perform the needed procedure.

This aspect is covered to ensure that medical assistance will serve great assistance for its beneficiaries.


The excluded services from travel medical assistance will depend on the type of assistance. Different companies offer several plans that differ within the inclusions and exclusions.

However, some of the most common exclusions from travel medical assistance are extreme surgery and operation.  Moreover, the details and information can be seen from the medical assistance.

What are the Travel Medical Insurance Plans?

Travel Medical Insurance Plans are health insurance for travellers to cover their medical assistance as they travel. These insurance plans offer a wide variety of coverage that may be needed by the insured individuals as they travel.

Travel medical insurance plans are made to have sufficient support for travellers that can apply for possible emergencies that are medically related upon travelling.

Travel Medical Insurance Plans are similar to regular health insurance. However, the main difference between the two is that travel medical insurance plans only act and apply when an individual travels or not in his/her home.

Travel medical insurance plans are essential for individuals who want to secure their health and medical care throughout their travel period. In addition, the coverage of services for travel medical insurance plans will be depending on the plan that an individual gets.

What are the Available Travel Medical Insurance Plans?

There are wide options for travel medical insurance plans. Individuals can also visit their regular health insurance and check whether they offer travel medical insurance plans.  

However, below are some of the well-known companies that offer travel medical insurance plans.

  1. AIG Travel – provides specifically built plans for world travellers with 25 years of travelling experience.
  2. GeoBlue – offers a travel medical insurance plan that focuses on emergency medical benefits.
  3. HTW Worldwide – offers a broad range of travel medical insurance plans for world travellers. Their services include hospital care, prescription drugs, office visits, surgery, and medical evacuation of beneficiaries.
  4. International Medical Group – provides international medical insurance as well as travel insurance for its beneficiaries for 20 years.
  5. Seven Corners – provides high-value travel insurance plans including medical-related services for world travellers.
  6. WorldTrips – crafts medical plans with years of experience to provide benefits for – U.S. residents and non-U.S. residents travellers.
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