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Rental Assistance Programs: A Lifeline for Families in Need

Rental assistance, more commonly known as the Emergency Rental Assistance Program or ERAP is a federal program that aims to assist tenants and renters in terms of housing and utility expenses.

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Unclaimed Tax Refund - You May Be Owed a Refund

Unclaimed Tax Refund is money that was unable to return to respective American
taxpayers. Generally, tax refunds are the reimbursement of any amount of money that was paid by the taxpayers in the federal or local state government units.

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Emergency Solutions Grant

Emergency Solutions Grant is a program created by the U.S federal government to assist individuals and families to gain housing stability. It prioritizes low-income individuals and families especially those who suffered from homelessness.

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Biden Student Loan Forgiveness

President Biden, the Federal Student Aid (FSA), and the Education Department of the country decided to impose changes to the current Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program or commonly known as the PSLF.

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Texas Unemployment Benefits Provides Temporary Financial Assistance to Workers

Texas Unemployment is a relevant issue addressed by the Texas Workforce Commission or the TWC wherein they offer unemployment benefits to those individuals who lost their job due to reasons, not their fault, or got laid off because of the pandemic.

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Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance or better known as the SSDI is an insurance program of the Social Security Administration (SSA) that provides benefits to individuals who could not attend their job due to a disability.

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Homeless Shelters Aims to Help Individuals and Families

Homeless Shelters are run and supervised by programs, usually by the US government that aims to help individuals and families who need a place to live or those who could not find affordable housing for their family or for themselves.

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Agricultural Loans - Expand Your Farm or Ranch

Agricultural loans are programs that focus on helping agricultural farmers with their respective farms. These loan programs mainly provide financial assistance for eligible farmers to solve their problems.

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Lost Wages Assistance Program

Lost Wages Assistance Program of the U.S federal government aims to help and support its eligible claimants. It prioritizes unemployed individuals who lost their respective jobs as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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7(a) Small Business Loan - A Financial Help for Businesses

7(a) Small Business Loan is part of the business financing assistance program of the Small Business Administration. It primarily provides loans for small businesses owners that suffer financial hardship within their respective businesses.

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